You can’t drink it yet

Making a coffee addict wait for their first cup of morning coffee is rarely a good idea. Well, luckily this isn’t about waiting for coffee. You will be waiting for tea. Japan is a country rich in traditions. The more i learn about these proud people the more i want to immerse myself in their culture. The Japanese tea ceremony, also called Chanoyu is more than sipping tea. It is a precise rendition of a ritual centuries old. With simplicity and elegance, serving and drinking tea becomes an affair of peace and calm lasting hours. An alien idea in this hasty era we live in. An idea i think would do us some good.  This ceremony is not unique to Japan. It is practiced in some form in other Asian countries. But,you might not be able to leave for Asia. Don’t fret, there might be a tea shop near you. In Vancouver Canada, the 05 tea bar offer the tea ceremony experience as can be seen in the video below.