Rio De Janeiro Carnival

Yes its a mouthful to say but when the Guinness book of world records considers it by far the largest carnival the name stays. Click here for more on the biggest carnival in the world with storify.


Green shamrock to Green beer

Saint Patrick, born in 5th century Great Britain was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland. After escaping slavery, he would later return as a priest and become the patron saint of Ireland.

The 17th of March St. Patrick’s Day began in the United States. The custom of wearing the green shamrock said to have been used by St. Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity. Today, it has become a celebration involving green beer, parades, and even a green river. It spans many countries including Japan, Argentina and the Switzerland. Below are 25 little facts about St. Patrick’s Day so its not just a day of drinking.

Parade Floats carried not driven

In the city of Viterbo located in Italy, its people credit Santa Maria Rosa with saving their city from disease in the 1600’s. The La Macchina di Santa Rosa is a celebration in honor of Maria. The tradition also entails a tower weighing five tons to be carried by local men. One hundred men known as Facchini train throughout the summer to fulfill this role. The tower itself is amazing and brightly lit as it makes its way through the city.