I’d like two husbands please

If you thought dealing with one husband tough, how would it be with two or even three. When a woman takes multiple husbands it is known as polyandry. Though not as common as a man having multiple wives it is not as rare as I once thought. In the United States, Jaiya Ma is in a poly-amorous relationship. She lives as a family with two men and a child they had together.

Below is a National Geographic video on Cinidas life in the Himalayas with 3 husbands.


Size ‘0’ is a NO NO

Though some societies attribute skinny with beauty, there are those cultures which find the opposite to their liking. In the country Nigeria, the Efiki people have what they term the Fattening Room. Here a woman, as the name suggest, is assisted in gaining weight before marriage.

On the other end of the spectrum is Japan who issue fines if your waist line exceeds a certain amount of inches as can be seen in this New York Times article.